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In recent years, there has been a tendency to see decorations that emphasize vintage, while incorporating many ultra-modern elements. It is by using vintage that you will succeed in giving warmth to your interior design, originality to your classic style or unity to your heterogeneous layout. Here are some elements to help you understand this trend.


Vintage covers everything that concerns the period between the 50s and the 70s approximately. But be careful, there is no question of recovering everything that is old-fashioned. The art of interior decoration is subtlety and the choice of objects. Often, vintage focuses on what is natural. In today's world, we are looking for noble and healthy materials and we like to hunt, recycle, reuse, rather than rush to the first discount decoration store. The trick, in vintage decoration, is to avoid accumulation and to stay in the sobriety. In a modern apartment, a vintage style carpet will highlight the existing curves or, on the contrary, break the monotony. We think of rattan, patinated wood, rosewood, teak. We will often draw from Mediterranean decorations, in a Marrakech or Berber spirit. We mismatch, we match, but above all, we proceed by small subtle touches.


To avoid overloading the space and the field of vision, it is better to stay in neutral tones and choose to add small pieces of color. This is where rugs come into play. Rugs and tapestries will warm up the space with color and materials. Choose them carefully, they will condition your decoration and give it character. The woven wool in the effigy of outdated patterns is very popular in the world of decoration. These are the accessories that will delineate your living spaces, create moods and cut up the place. Whether you have a large apartment or a small house, rugs can be used to isolate atmospheres.Don't hesitate to extend a modern right with a vintage element, in its continuity, to create spaces. In addition, decorating an apartment with dark wood, on taupe or gray walls is an ideal start to join warm and colorful decorative elements, such as vintage style carpets, Berber, Moroccan, Persian …


As we said, there is nothing like a carpet to warm up an atmosphere. To stay in the vintage touch, we fall for a Boucherouite carpet made from recycled materials. These charming Berber rugs have an ultra clean look and decidedly graphic designs. Everything from wool to fabric can be integrated into the carpet's canvas. This is a cheap vintage rug but with the most beautiful effect. The best part is that everyone can even have fun making their own with DIY, but the technique and time required to make it makes it a little more complicated. The Boucherouite is the wow effect and it's a warm and vintage atmosphere guaranteed. With a vintage Patchwork rug, we still stay in the theme. Colors a little past, often in shades of red, orange and blue, are organized according to a structure also geometric. The abstract, very 50's-70's makes your interior cozy. The other options, the Kilim carpet or the multicolored Berber carpet. Unlike the two previous styles, the wool strands are not knotted on the canvas but embroidered. Geometric shapes, ethnic inspirations in always warm colors, from red to ochre, this kind of carpet lends itself admirably to the hanging, because of its lightness due to the weaving.

Think of working your colors, your shapes and give unity to your pieces. The vintage vibe, to look casual must be thoughtful and organized. Think past colors and geometry, wool and wood. Create spaces, delimit your ambiances before decorating. Recover, recycle and admire the result. The cozy atmosphere of a vintage interior has no equal when it comes to decorating, that's what makes it so successful!

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