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Our Story

“Working closely with creative Berber Artisans will always be our priority.”

Amin Galvinsky is the mastermind behind Nomad33. Thanks to his endeavours through Morocco, and the world, he was able to build a collective that shares an unbreakable bond. Artisans, designers, and customer support are all working in unison to shape a better story for this ancient trade. Extraordinary Berber craftswomen and men are constantly making masterpieces for Nomad33!

How did Nomad33 start its adventure?

Amin: The first factor that comes into play is our relationship with Berber artisans. Their know-how and techniques have been passed to them from their ancestors. Mix skill with passion, and you’ve got authentic, original, and genuine art! I was but a teenager (14) when I first discovered the world of Berber Carpets. Through this realm, I discovered gorgeous, beautifully haunting, and awe-inspiring things. Stories, materials, and hard work; it all made me fall in love with this domain. However, officially, Nomad33 was established two years ago — and we’re still going strong!

How is this trade appealing to you?

Amin: From colours and design to materials and shapes, everything makes me appreciate this trade!

What’s your position in Nomad33 and how do you choose your products?

Amin: I’m the head of design. In addition, I’m responsible for the selection process. And that implies travelling through Berber villages & Souks to find enchanting Berber Carpets that belonged to enchanting Berber families. Practically using handmade decor and ornaments had always been a part of my life.

The Berber Artisans working at Nomad33, how do they get inspired?

Amin: Berber Craftswomen and men had started creating because of a need. And thanks to the abundance of materials, they relied on their skills instead of their poor financial situations. And because of that, they came up with magical engravings, patterns, and designs that are still part of modern decor even after decades.

Would you say that Moroccan art is going through a golden period?

Amin: Since people have become aware of what’s quality and what’s not, industrial products are in constant decline. We love the fact that people are starting to appreciate handmade, story-filled products, and it all goes towards the benefit of Berber communities.

What does Moroccan Carpets bring to the table?

Amin: Where do I begin? There are many things that Moroccan Carpets can easily fix. But I think that the most appreciated traits are their joyous stories and alluring appeal!

Where do you think Berber Carpets fit best?

Amin: The first time I saw Berber Carpets was when I was a kid. I grew up surrounded by them. And at first, they were used as practical tools. But then, as I travelled more often, I realized that modern and chic homes are using these gorgeous artefacts to adorn and embellish their settings. Having an emotion-filled interior always sparks joy in my heart.

What are your plans for Nomad33’s future?

Amin: Our main focus is, and always will be, to further develop Berber craftsmanship know-how. An artisan who is comfortable working as an artisan, both financially and personally, is an artisan who is sure to weave gorgeous Berber Carpets. Many basic needs are still missing, and we’re continually working to change that. We’re doing our best to develop our company, and the people that strive to keep the company up and running.

Is Nomad33 a registered company?

Amin: You bet! Operating legally was the first matter that came to my mind. Thanks to my background in Business & Management, I was aware of the consequences, and the array of benefits, that come with running a legal company.

Nomad33 LTD. has offices in The United Kingdom, The United States, and, of course, in Morocco!

You can stop by one our galleries, share family recipes with us, and write to us at:

Morocco : Rue Mohamed El Beqal N191 Res Honest Signature. Marrakech 40000

Spain :Calle Ayala, N23, 29002 Malaga,

(Morocco) : +212 660 305 563

(U.S) : +1 646 583 1214

(E-mail) [email protected]