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The world of Berber carpets is a vast universe. You have certainly heard of Berber carpets, but do you know the Azilal carpets?

They appeared about twenty years ago and originate from the province of Azilal in the region of Béni Mellal-Khénifra in the Middle Atlas, about 200 km from the city of Marrakech. These carpets, unique in the world, are distinguished from all others by their superb quality of manufacture and their impressive motifs in various colours.

Azilal carpets reflect a thousand-year-old tradition and ancestral expertise. Each carpet is a true work of art. Azilal carpets, also called Azilals, are typically feminine carpets. Each carpet is unique and is the result of the experience and imagination of the Moroccan weaver.

How to recognize a Berber Azilal carpet?

Real pieces of art, Azilal carpets are very colourful. These creations are, like the Beni Ouarain rugs, woven by Moroccan women.

Combining authenticity and originality, they are also ultra light, soft, silky and supple carpets.

These carpets blend in wonderfully with all decorations. You can use them to add your personal touch to a wall decoration.

Azilal rugs bring a warm note to the interior. They are able to give cachet to all rooms (bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen...). The patterns of these carpets are imagined by the weavers. They are therefore available in an infinite number of models.

It is also possible to recognise an Azilal carpet by its pile which is shorter and less dense than other carpets.

These Berber carpets are generally made with sheep's wool. There are also carpets with wool and cotton.

Azilal carpets, true masterpieces

Azilal rugs are the rugs with the most character! It is through the irregular geometric patterns that Moroccan weavers tell their stories and pass on their culture to the world.

You will have understood! An Azilal carpet is more than a simple decorative object! Carpet patterns are a coded language. The zigzag, for example, represents travel, the pyramids represent belonging to a region and the inverted triangles represent festivals.

Azilal carpets, with their bright colours and abstract art-inspired motifs, are turning the codes of contemporary decoration on their head.

With their timeless charm, these Berber carpets are perfect for any space. You can place them on the floor or fix them to the wall.

In short, Azilal rugs are for all tastes and desires, and for all budgets! These handmade creations will certainly sublimate your interior!

We strongly recommend these rugs if you wish to add fantasy to a sober decoration (minimalist, modern, Scandinavian etc....).

How to maintain your Azilal carpet?

Nothing complicated! Just use a hoover on a regular basis to keep your Azilal carpet looking good and looking strong. Stains can be cleaned with soapy water.

If the stains are persistent, you can call in a professional. Always remember that you should never put a Berber carpet in a washing machine.

To conclude

Azilal Berber carpets are becoming very trendy decoration accessories. It is therefore not strange that they are becoming increasingly popular, both in the Maghreb and in Europe, and that they are present in many interiors.

Would you like to give your home or work space a makeover by taking advantage of the charm of Azilal rugs? You will find at Nomad33 an impressive collection of handmade rugs.

Our products are authentic and each handmade carpet is a unique masterpiece.

You will find everything that will meet your desires and expectations. Do not hesitate too much because we are able to deliver your Azilal Moroccan carpet quickly and everywhere!

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