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Do you also dream of giving your apartment a new look? Do you want a daring interior with as much character as originality?  Have you thought about the oriental style to distinguish yourself from the too common decorations?

We all want to travel, change of scenery and wonder in our daily lives sometimes a little too rhythmic! There's nothing like transforming your living room into a real cocoon with the look of a Moroccan riad. The colors, the traditional patterns, the ethnic style and the soft touch of Moroccan rugscan help revisit any room and any space!

Fashions come and go, but Oriental fashion is a style that never gets old, continues to seduce and, above all, blends with different types of interiors. It is impossible to get tired of an oriental decoration! We dare you to find someone who after a few months or years got rid of his oriental style decoration.

The oriental style interior design always seduces and satisfies all expectations in terms of originality while having an aestheticism as elegant as captivating. Believe it or not, once you adopt the oriental style in your home, you will not be able to do without it and will even try to convince your neighbors to get a Moroccan carpet.

Berber rugs are authentic objects, when you enter a room, you immediately notice the Moroccan rug that is enthroned there simply because it stands out with its character and its ever so attractive visual aspect. We have explored for you the 5 most original uses for your future Berber carpet in order to adopt a chic oriental fashion in your apartment, your vacation home or even in the meeting room of your company.

  1. A wall tapestry more than original

It is surely the use of the Moroccan carpet that is the most out of the ordinary: the wall tapestry! Each Berber carpet is hand-woven and is a true work of art. The works of art that we know essentially as paintings are hung on the walls for the greatest happiness of our eyes so that we can enjoy them to the maximum and admire them as often as possible. Why not do it with a Berber carpet?

The idea that we suggest is to expose your carpet on the wall of one of your rooms like a Picasso or a Monet to be able to appreciate every day the smallest seams!

To hang a Moroccan carpet as a wallpaper is daring but it is also to play on the contrasts and the reliefs. It is worth giving character to your space! The soft texture of the sheep's wool used to weave Moroccan rugs will bring a warm effect transforming the place into a real cocoon.

Placing a Moroccan rug on a wall can also serve to break the sometimes too linear or banal spatial dynamics of the room. Having a Moroccan rug hanging on the wall attracts the eye and curiosity of all visitors. The higher the ceiling, the more the Berber carpet will be highlighted in the space.

Using your Berber carpet as a wall tapestry is such an original decorating trick that your living room will look like a showroom or an art gallery: all your friends will stay and comment on your carpet as if they were in a museum. The size and shape of the rug can add a touch of extravagance by combining it with the rest of the furniture.

Imagine a hallway rug on a very high wall while placing a column displaying a ceramic vase in front of it for example, this will highlight the vase and visually divide the space in two while accentuating the height of the room. This use of the Moroccan rug is as bold as the Berber rug itself.

  1. A unique bedspread

Who said that the place for a rug should be on the floor? Have you ever thought of covering your bed with a Moroccan rug? In terms of decorating effect: What do you look for most in a bedroom? You must have an idea...

In a bedroom we are all looking for an intimate atmosphere, warmth and softness. Our bedroom is a bit of a haven, it is essential to feel good in it.

To add warmth to your cold winter nights we suggest you try the Moroccan carpet as a bedspread. Especially if you choose a shaggy rug, which means "long pile", the cocooning effect is 100% guaranteed!

It will never be as pleasant to slump on your bed as when you add a Berber carpet that will make you want to jump on your bedding every time you walk out the door. If your bed is comfortable, add a shaggy carpet for the softness of its hair and your bedroom will be transformed into a little cloud from which you will not be able to take off... Or from your sofa.

  1. An impressive couch throw

How much time in a year do we spend on our couch? Some would say most of it, if not an eternity. So it's more than necessary to feel comfortable. The appearance and condition of your sofa is therefore crucial to make your Netflix afternoon as pleasant as possible.

Don't get rid of your sofa! Would you have thought of placing your Moroccan carpet as a sofa throw? All Berber rugs are made from sheep's wool, which is soft and silky at the same time. Moroccan rugs are especially original because of their warm colors, their ethnic patterns, their linear and geometric shapes and their exceptional touch.

Not only will you have the advantage of comfort with a Berber carpet on your sofa, you will maintain the heat and you will give back the sparkle to your interior!

  1. An outdoor carpet for your terrace

Nobody thought of it and it is surely the most unexpected decoration idea: a Moroccan carpet for your terrace, your balcony or even your garden. Berber rugs are very resistant and can be used outdoors despite the weather, humidity and the vagaries of everyday life.

Moroccan rugs are ideal for this, in summer we all enjoy walking barefoot, inside it is not a concern, outside it often hurts a little ... Put a simple Moroccan carpet on your terrace will lighten the daily life of your little feet, give an exotic atmosphere inviting travel to the place.

Your terrace will look great, it can also be used to highlight your garden furniture, to create a relaxing outdoor space with lounge chairs, coffee tables and all embellished with some plants. Believe us, you will quickly go and get a Moroccan pouf to complete your oriental style because you will be quickly conquered by the Berber rugs. For those who don't have a terrace, now that you know this ultra original idea you will have all the reasons that should make you opt for a new home with an outdoor corner!

  1. An even more comfortable seat

We all have old chairs or armchairs that we love for their vintage style, the materials they are made of or simply because they are inherited from our grandmother... We love these chairs and armchairs, but sitting on them for three minutes is not so comfortable!  We have the solution: Put a Moroccan rug on the seat to make it more comfortable.

This simple gesture will revolutionize your furniture for the greatest pleasure of your buttocks! Your chairs will be rejuvenated, your armchairs will look great. You will gain in comfort but most importantly, the oriental style is guaranteed to have a friendly effect.

This will also make your pet happy, cats and dogs love to snuggle against the soft wool of Moroccan carpets. Your cat will spend hours purring on the new seat of the old family chair!

If you were still in doubt, don't hesitate to switch to the oriental style! To do this, you don't need to get rid of your current furniture, simply add a Moroccan carpet in a good position in your interior and even your exterior and the warm effect, the touch of comfort and the zest of originality is guaranteed!

Go now to choose your Berber carpet, whether it is used as a wall carpet, a throw for a sofa, a bedspread, on a terrace or to give color to an old armchair; you will undoubtedly find the carpet that you need. If you can't find it: think about custom-made rugs to have the shapes, sizes, colors and patterns of your choice.



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