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Getting the Best from your Berber Wool Carpet.

How often should I Maintain My Carpet?

Everyone defines precious in their own, unique way. Some answers might correlate, but that doesn't mean that there are characteristics that define what's precious to a person. For us, Berber Carpets are definitely precious. In fact, that's how we're united with our customers. Our adoration for these gorgeous creations unifies us.

Now, picture a Berber Carpet, and a stain of spilled orange juice. We bet it doesn't feel good. Does it? The catastrophe shouldn't prevent you from purchasing a White Berber Carpet. Instead, learn how you can preserve it!




Naturally, you'd want to preserve what's precious to you. And if it happens to be a Wool Berber Carpet, you'll appreciate what's coming.

We'll provide you with tips, tricks, and best-practices to keep your Berber Wool Rug safe, unharmed, and feeling dandy!

The Sun is Good for my Berber Wool Rug. Right?

We get asked this question a lot. And the short answer is: yes.

You don't want the short answer.

Much like a newborn, Berber Carpets also need to be washed, taken care of, and spruced up every one in a while. You'll also have to feed it a healthy dose of sunlight.


If you're thinking this isn't enough responsibility, you'll love what's next:

The colours on wool can fade over time. So you'll have to be mindful of what's 'a healthy dose of sunlight'. However, that doesn't mean that they should't be exposed to sunlight. As long as they're not exposed for too much, and at direct UV-light, your baby's safe.

And at the risk of bragging — our Wool Berber Carpets aren't soaked with chemicals. The wool is washed with natural soap, and its inherent, protective layers are still intact. Making them easy to take care of and maintain.


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"Who put that there?"

To err, is human; spilling something on your Berber Wool Rug is inevitable. And when that happens, no need to panic. The wool's natural texture helps fight off stains. However, acting quick surely lessens the harm.


Here's a brief emergency checklist that you can refer to in case "Casey, mistakenly, of course, painted a flower over the carpet with orange juice."

  1. Remove as much of the spill as possible. You may use a blunt knife or spoon to deal with solids. For liquid spots, soak them up using white tissues/paper towels. If the spill is large, it's okay to use a dry/wet vacuum. DO NOT scrub or rub the carpet during the process of removing or rinsing a stain. Doing that will only worsen the case, as a fuzzy area may appear around the spillage. A good rule to follow is: Always work from the outside, going towards the middle/centre spot.
  2. To avoid colour change and possible damage, make sure to test any treatment on a small area before cleaning the entire spot.
  3. Make sure that your carpet is dried using pressure, NOT SCRUBBING. That will only change the carpet's texture. The goal is to remove excess moisture.
  4. After you're done treating the stain, place several layers of white paper tissues/towels over the spot, with a flat weight on them. If you want to speed up the process, you may use a hair dryer. Make sure to not OVERHEAT the area.
  5. "Casey, honey, we can't walk on the carpet until it's fully dry. Also, please use the canvas for your art projects."
  6. If all fails, again, no need to panic. You'll have to call a carpet cleaning professional immediately. They'll surely know what to do. Ignoring stains for long enough might make them permanent.

If your kids has allergies, and you've got a wool rug, consult a paediatrician for the density of the appropriate rug. Generally, wool is a poor choice if your kid has allergies.

Wool Carpets and pet luxury.

So you've had your fun with your toddler. Ready to deal with your pet?

Let's face it. It's not like we have a choice 😽

Those who aren't human, pets, also tend to err. A bit more than humans do, if we're being honest. And once again, the Atlas' premium wool brings good tidings. With regular vacuuming and periodic cleaning, your wool Berber carpet will last for generations to come!


And in addition to easily cleaning out fur and bits of wool, Wool Carpets award the ultimate luxury for your pets! Think of their happiness and warm, pampering-resulted feelings as your reward! Shaggy Wool Carpets will surely appease your pets!

Is it tiring to take care of Wool Carpets?

Essentially, when you're taking care of a Wool Carpet, you're rewarding serenity to everyone surrounding it. Your kids, pets, friends, as well as the burning urge to keep everything tidy, will all become sated, appeased, and satisfied!

Bottom line, at times, you might feel overwhelmed. But the second you experience your carpet's first stain, you'll know what to do the next time!

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