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Berber rugs tell the story of the tribes in which they are made. Filled with tribal symbols, these magnificent rugs play the card of exoticism. Carefully chosen, they give the room an authentic decorative effect. Focus on the tips for choosing the ideal Berber carpet.

1- The style of Berber carpet

If you want to add a Berber carpet to your interior but want it to match the rest of your decor, the Berber carpet adapts to every situation: a Beni Ouarain will bring elegance and refinement to your minimalist and Scandinavian interior, an Azilal will give "pep" to a child's room or a touch that will transport a bohemian interior, a Boucherouite will revive your kitchen or your bathroom!

2- Recognizing a real Berber carpet

Like most handmade objects, Berber rugs are characterized by certain features that reflect some of the traditions and expertise of Moroccan artisans. The traditional carpets thus have very particular characteristics that an imitation will not have. If they are thought to bring comfort and warmth, they are also intended to chase away evil spirits. Moroccan craftswomen do this by burning a few strands of the carpet's fabric. If these traces of burned fabric remain visible on the older models, it is not so for the most recent pieces.

All Moroccan productions generally have a fringe on one end of the carpet. On Berber productions, this fringe is especially visible on the carpets used by the nomads of the Moroccan Atlas. Used in mountainous areas with a cold climate, these woollen pieces adapt to the elongated shape of tents to serve as ground cover. Therefore, they have only one visible end on the bangs. At first glance, this small detail seems to be a manufacturing defect. In reality, it is a guarantee of authenticity.

3- Determine the budget and the use of the Berber carpet

Your budget will frequently dictate your selections, but keep in mind that some carpets are more suited to your everyday life than others. If your budget is convenient, opt for a Béni Ouarain. This oriental rug is quite bright, so install it in a low-traffic area. You should also think about your family's needs and how the carpet will be used on a daily basis. It is not uncommon to establish new rules, such as putting on slippers when entering the house, to preserve the quality of your carpet. The Berber carpet, as a true decorative object, quickly draws the eye in your home.

Whatever your preference, you will be able to locate a Berber carpet that is suitable for you.

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