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Harmony is the most important, central point, the keystone of interior design. The harmony of materials, colors and objects. This is the secret of a successful decoration: harmonize your space! How do you do it, you might ask?

What do you immediately think of to decorate your living room, your library corner or even the meeting room of your company? Have you ever thought that the starting point of your decoration could be the lighting fixtures? Surely not! One of the first things that comes to mind when designing a living room is often the colors of the wall paintings. However, light is an element that can give an atmosphere and a soul to a room.  

Usually, we first think about the furniture and then we harmonize the room with the appropriate accessories according to the desired style. Then comes the big headache of finding the right decorative objects. Sometimes we have an idea in mind but it's impossible to find the vase, the pair of curtains, the shelf or the carpet of our dreams... For the question of the carpet, we have several decorating ideas for you!

Have you thought about adorning your living room with a Moroccan rug? There are Berber carpets of various styles, colors and patterns so varied and specific to each Berber tribe. The choice is so large that there is inevitably a Moroccan carpet which will agree wonderfully with the kind of your luminaries.

No matter what style of lighting you have chosen: whether they are wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps or spotlights, there is a Berber carpet that will harmonize with your lights to highlight them and give the desired effect to your room.

Redecorating your home and choosing your lighting fixtures has never been easier than when you were introduced to the idea of Moroccan-style fashion and its famous Berber rugs. Depending on the type of light fixtures you have in a particular room, we will suggest ideas for decorating and associating them with a Moroccan carpet:


The lighting of an entrance must be functional but also aesthetic of course. For this, nothing could be simpler than to equip your entrance with a general lighting with a suspension or a ceiling lamp, which will give height to the space. The eyes of your visitors will be illuminated by a light coming from the ceiling level. This is why, in order to balance the intensity of the ceiling lights, it would be advisable to add a spotlight at the level of the cupboards with spotlights or a table lamp if a console adorns the entrance.

With this type of lighting we advise you to opt for a traditional Moroccan carpet. The intensity of the patterns and colors present on traditional Berber carpets will attract the eyes and curiosity of visitors since the lighting will enlarge the space. Thus a carpet "loaded" in terms of patterns and symbols will easily find its place.


The kitchen must be equipped with several types of lighting to meet the precision activities required: on the work surfaces, spotlights or spotlight strips will ensure functional lighting. On the ceiling: a suspension or ceiling light is essential for a zen lighting. You can also place sconces around the dining area.

We advise you, with this configuration and lighting, to opt for a Moroccan carpet with sparkling and vivid colors such as pink, purple or sky blue. The patterns can be ethnic or on the contrary in a sober and chic style. A rectangular Berber rug with a size equal to that of your work surface will do the trick and will even help avoid slips when spilling water from the sink.


In the living room, it is important to mix general ambient lighting, decorative accent lighting and spot lighting. On the other hand, it is better to avoid hanging lights above the coffee table: lamps, floor lamps and sconces are your allies!

The idea is to multiply the light points to create several atmospheres and zones in the same room. Do not hesitate to place a reading lamp near the sofa or lamps to put on the armrests of the sofa to read comfortably. As far as decorative lighting is concerned, place spotlights or small LED lamps in a bookcase, directing the light flow towards an object or a picture to give a certain effect.

In this case, we recommend without hesitation a Beni Ouaraincarpet in warm and classic colors such as ecru, beige or light brown. The clean style, geometric and linear patterns of the Beni Ouarain give elegance and distinction. With two to three different lighting points, it is best not to draw attention to the carpet but to keep the lights as the primary source of attraction in order to maintain a 100% guaranteed cozy effect.


In the dining room, the suspension or chandelier is and will remain a safe value. It is a very decorative element, which allows to create a more or less intimate atmosphere. Be sure to choose your suspension or chandelier at a size suitable for your table. Do not hesitate to place several suspensions if the table is long for the luminous comfort of each one but also for the decorative rendering giving scale and great impression to the sight of several chandeliers. If your dining room is large, you can add accent lighting, sconces or lamps to place on the furniture ajaccents ...

We recommend placing a Mrirt rug with many hanging lights or chandeliers. The Mrirt carpet is a mixture of abstract and sparkling tones. Sometimes ethnic patterns adorn it, often spots of different colors are juxtaposed creating a mix between modern and chic, minimalist and extravagant.

The Mrirt carpet will be highlighted, while not taking all the attention to leave it to the lights that will form a warm and friendly effect focusing on the dining table, the main object of the festivities and moments of joy that you will share around.


In the bedroom, it is advisable to privilege the felted atmospheres, requiring an indirect lighting or in periphery not to blind. Sconces or bedside lamps are ideal to provide a soft and indirect lighting. You can also add reading lights at the head of the bed for a more optimal comfort. While more powerful and direct lighting will be ideal in the closets or dressing room with the help of spotlights.

The different lighting, mainly soft and indirect, sometimes more intense but on the periphery of the room tends to create a soft, peaceful and intimate atmosphere. For this we recommend a shaggycarpet, i.e. with long pile. In white or light colors, it adds lightness to the room, accentuates the comfort initiated by the lighting fixtures and provides softness under your feet at the bed's throw. The caress of the shaggy carpet will make you want to roll around in it...

This carpet warms the hearts but also the rooms, it is perfect on a cold, dull and damaged floor. The lights will light the room sparingly. The carpet will not be highlighted by the lights but it is not necessary because the shaggy carpet does not need any support to shine, it leaves stunned by itself. Your room will have the desired look, simple, warm and soft: the perfect combo to spend beautiful nights.

You will have understood, there is always a Berber carpet that fits your decoration! If the carpet of your dreams does not really exist: think about custom-made and your dream will come true. The colors, patterns, visual or sensory aspect, shapes and sizes of Moroccan rugs are so varied that your lighting fixtures will necessarily blend with a Berber carpet as long as it is well chosen.

Whether you have opted for wall lights, hanging lights, floor lamps or spotlights, there is bound to be a suitable Berber carpet waiting for you to come and finish off your decor!

Don't wait any longer, take the first step and go quickly to consult the large choice of Moroccan carpets that we have in stock. You will fall for one of our carpets, we are sure. You will even want to decorate your living room with some Berber poufs, as artistic as comfortable, for a Moroccan style always more pronounced and coveted in the whole world!

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