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"Our job is to Scout Extraordinary Berber Carpets, from Extraordinary Places."

Read on if you're interested in how the founder of Nomad33 started his Berber Carpet Gallery. And how Berber Artisans are benefiting from this!

Amin is Nomad33's founder. And his journey through Morocco, its souks, and its mesmerising Berber Villages has allowed him to forge a solid relationship with the artisans and craftspeople of Morocco.

moroccan riad with berber carpets

This young Moroccan Berber artist has learned the tricks of the trade, and has grown to appreciate the know-how and techniques of the many cultures that inhabit Morocco. Far from today's modern lifestyle, Amin continued to admire the nature and pure history of these simple places. Which eventually led him to immerse himself in Moroccan Rugs culture.

How did Nomad33 Begin its Endeavours in the Berber Carpet Market?

From a nomadic, Berber standpoint, I was always an adventurer at heart. Thanks to my grandparents' lifelong experience and belongings, I inherited a unique know-how that was transmitted to them by their predecessors. There are artistic values that had shaped their authenticity, and I'm eternally grateful that it found its way to me. When I discovered this lifestyle, along with my affinity towards Berber Carpets, I was but a boy. 20 years ago, I was a kid that adored everything unique, handmade, and with a story. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What makes a Berber Rug Appealing to You?

Where shall I begin? It's everything! The alluring designs, rugged material, and lovely people!

What's your position within Nomad33? And how do you go about doing your day-to-day tasks?

We already have a manager that relieves most of the hassles that come with running a rug store. And that allows me to focus on treasure hunting. I roam through Morocco's souks and Berber villages to find rare and exceptional objects. I also make time to meet with the artisans that are responsible for these masterpieces. Thanks to them, the Berber culture has managed to survive in Morocco. 

Berber riad with moroccan carpets

So, following the paths of my ancestors, I am determined to expose gorgeous pieces of objects, mainly Vintage Berber Rugs, that are stylish, Bohemian, and useable in everyday life.

How are the Berber Artisans inspired?

Women and men have started to create gorgeous Berber Carpets due to a need. A need for warmth, joined with their instinctive need to create has flourished into something beyond our expectations. And with an abundance of material: Wood, wool and everything in between, many of them [Berber craftspeople] have grown accustomed to, and even favour, this way of life. 

The symbols you see on Berber Rugs are almost everywhere. They've been used in ceremonies; depictions of nature and much more. Most of the craftspeople can't imagine their handmade pieces in modern homes, and when they find out, they're always inspired by that fact.

Would you say that the Berber Moroccan Art is going through a praised, 'golden-age'?

It's apparent that people are getting tired of industrial, weak and uncreative products. They seek unique and historical pieces, and we're grateful for that fact. Decoration one's home with original, handmade and unique furniture tells a story — and everyone wants that! And if someone wants to tell a story through objects, they'll surely love the works of Berber artisans.

vintage berber carpets

What do you think Nomad33 could bring to interior design?

I'm saying this from experience: Every environment can be lightened, illuminated and transformed into something gorgeous by using Berber Decor. It brings nature and nourishment to any interior.

What's the best environment for this setting, the Berber Moroccan decor?

Can I just say anywhere? The first time I laid my eyes on Berber objects were in Berber houses, used as practical, everyday tools. Then I saw these objects in modern and luxurious settings, fused with other objects from different cultures. And I've got to say, it's beautiful to see a setting this rich with emotions, stories and an easy aura.

Do you have any plans for the future? Are you still looking for new artisanal products for Nomad33?

What I'm really focused on at the moment is further developing the know-how of the Berber artisans. As a collective, we're really invested in this, and are hoping to accomplish it. Furthermore, we want for artisans to enjoy their work. And in order for them to do that, they'll have to completely forget about life's unending demands and basic needs, and focus on what they do & love —weaving breathtaking Berber Carpets!

We work with artists that revive traditional art, as well as award a fresh, easy and worthwhile start for those who have suffered the unstable consequences of the evolution of human societies in economic and social terms.

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