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Do you know the attractions and properties of the Berber carpet? Do you know how Moroccan carpets are made? With what materials? If you do, you must surely know that Berber rugs are perfect for use in your bathroom?

When we think of Moroccan rugs, we immediately imagine large rugs adorning the middle of a living room or a dining room. We know very well the Moroccan style living rooms, with a large space, Berber poufs, wrought iron lamps, vases or ceramic bowls to decorate the living space. We never think that the Moroccan carpet can be placed in all the rooms of the house!

When we say "all the rooms of the house", it means "all the rooms"! Including the bathroom... Yes, you heard me right: in the bathroom too!

We spend a lot of time in our bathroom, we shower daily, we brush at least twice a day, we make ourselves beautiful... In short, it is a place where we take care of ourselves! So it is important for us to take care of this room in turn. In other words, having a decoration that changes from the ordinary and that looks like us in our room will help us to feel good. The well-being is the main leitmotiv of everyone...

We are going to show you how putting a Moroccan carpet in your bathroom is a great idea! At the end of this article, you will want to redecorate your entire bathroom... The Berber carpet will make you succumb to its assets and its charm almost instantly.

The main reasons to place a Berber carpet in your bathroom are the following:

  1. Guaranteed moisture absorption

Moroccan carpets are made from sheep's wool from the Atlas Mountains, just like the women who weave them. The art of weaving has been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries. The quality of the carpets is irreproachable since the quality of the materials used is very high.

Berber carpets are relatively thick, their thickness reflects their resistance.

Some are thicker than others and the type of hair is different for some carpets, such as the so-called "shaggy" carpets which are long-haired. All this allows Moroccan rugs to absorb moisture easily and optimally.

Moroccan rugs can be placed in a humid room unlike many other rugs that will get wet, smell "badly dried" or even develop mold. None of that with a Moroccan rug in a bathroom!

You can even wet the Berber carpet in your bathroom, this is not a concern because sheep's wool is a material that dries extremely quickly. Whether you place it at the foot of your sink or your bathtub, don't worry, the berber carpet will not get damaged by water!

  1. A non-slip bath exit

Putting a carpet in a bathroom is often to serve as a bath exit! The bath exit is something that our feet do every morning once the shower is over. Have you ever thought about the criteria that make our bathroom exit perfect? We did it for you...

Being "non-slip" is the ultimate criterion for your bathtub exit. This will prevent you from breaking your face early in the morning before an important day of work, which would make you start your day under bad auspices. If you choose a Moroccan carpet, you will have the guarantee that your exit of bath will not slip in contact with the water spilled on the ground.

A Berber carpet is the ideal bath exit because the materials used for the manufacture of the carpet form a non-slip surface. The little extra is to appreciate the visual and sensory assets of the Berber carpet: the originality of its patterns and the softness of its touch!

  1. Bright colors to make a statement

When someone starts thinking about decorating their apartment, cabin or country house, the first thing that comes to mind is color... What color to put in the dining room? Are the tiles in the bathroom suitable for certain shades? Repainting the bedrooms, yes, but which color will create a friendly and pleasant atmosphere?

You want to use several shades on your carpet, and it is almost impossible to find all the colors you like on the same carpet? Don't worry, Moroccan rugs can meet all your expectations. You will find carpets of all colors, including carpets with the most unthinkable colors or the most eccentric. In your bathroom it will wake up your mornings!

Combine bright colors like sea blue, fuchsia, lavender or emerald green! Don't limit your imagination, thanks to the unique weave of Berber rugs, any color you have in mind can become reality and choosing from the widest range of colors possible is a luxury that Moroccan rugs offer.

The color of a rug can instantly add charm and personality to a space or living area, expand the spatial dynamics or brighten up any area.

  1. Soft wool caressing your feet

One of the challenges many of us face in interior design is how to bring warmth to the space? In this case, the missing feature is all too often a soft material. Do you know the natural richness of sheep's wool? Berber carpet wool is the perfect answer to your worries!

If you have never touched wool, you may be surprised by its soft touch. Since ancient times, wool has been a natural source of comfort, warmth, luxury and security. Today, sheep's wool is still appreciated by consumers around the world for the same reasons as in previous generations: its feel, its durability and the way it creates warmth in our homes.

The little feet of our children as well as ours need a soft and safe place while they brush their teeth... Berber wool rugs are as luxurious as they are comfortable. One or two Moroccan rugs will add warmth to your bathroom. Your feet and those of your family will thank you!

Sheep's wool is also very resistant so it will not produce peeling under your wet feet coming out of the shower or the bathtub. A Berber carpet will allow you to quickly have dry feet while appreciating the delicate touch, the warmth of each hair woven between them and the caress of your Moroccan carpet each morning will turn into a moment of happiness that will give positivity to start your day well.

There are as many ways to use a Berber carpet as there are Moroccan carpets in our collection. The sober or sparkling colors of the Berber rugs will give a unique touch to any floor covering in your bathroom. Whether you have light or dark tiles, Lino or parquet in your bathroom, a simple Moroccan rug can help redecorate the place and make you want to get up in the morning to spend hours in your bathroom!

Opt for a Berber carpet in your bathroom and you will rejuvenate your interior. This decoration is both practical and you will feel a change of scenery every time you go to shower because your bathroom will have areas of Moroccan hammam!

Come and discover a large collection of Moroccan rugs. Which one will go with the sober or vintage style of your bathroom? Which Moroccan carpet will transform your shower room into a real cozy little nest. It's up to you to tell us, there is an embarrassment of riches!

Even your afternoons of well-being in your bathroom will have an air of Essaouira with an ethnic-chic decoration and an ultra-absorbent and anti-slip carpet! Come quickly to choose your Berber carpet to come and sublimate your bathroom and make you spend moments of beauty as soft as the sheep's wool used to weave the carpet that will be under your feet!

Now that you know the advantages of Moroccan rugs and the reasons why they are perfect in a bathroom, don't wait any longer: run and choose your Berber rug that will harmonize with all the materials present in your bathroom.

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