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Redecorating your home is never an easy task, but the most perilous is choosing the right furniture. The living room is the place in the house where we spend the most time. After the sofa, the dining table or coffee table are very important elements for your apartment.

We spend a lot of time at the table. Our tables are part of the furniture that will accompany our best moments, from dinners with friends to family laughter, while passing by our few moments of teleworking on the corner of the table. At the table, we eat, we laugh and we exchange. The choice of the table is crucial, but accompanying it with a rug can also give another atmosphere to the room. For this, there is nothing like a Moroccan carpet with multiple characteristics to blend into any kind of environment.

A simple Berber carpet can soften the atmosphere, highlight your table or bring light to a room too sober. The style of your dining table can be matched with this or that type of Moroccan carpet depending on the colors, ethnic symbols, shape, size or even the type of pile used...

If you are planning to give a fresh look to your dining room? If you also only dream of one thing, it is to have a pleasant room to receive your close relations for lunch? Do you want to give a new look to an old table inherited from your grandmother that looks a little out of place? Have you ever thought of adding a Berber rug to bring a little more style to your table? In interior design, there are a few essential rules. The one of "play on the contrasts" is surely one of the most quoted.

So no matter what kind of table you have, whether it's wood, steel, wicker or glass, there's bound to be a Moroccan rug that will add a sparkle and elegance to your dinners.

Here are our tips for decorating with a Moroccan rug depending on your table style:

  • Industrial metal table

The "indus'" table, as it is vulgarly called, is a hit. With its air of a New York loft set up in a disused factory. Often made of steel or stainless steel, the industrial table gives a raw and smooth look to the space. This table imposes, we notice it in a room yet the industrial table is cold sometimes even sanitized.

That's why we advise you to play on the contrasts with a shaggy carpet and light colors like ecru, beige, yellow slightly mustard or simply white to stay in the classics. The shaggy carpet will soften your space and give light while highlighting an atypical table that deserves to be appreciated at its true value in the middle of softer materials.

  • Wooden tray table

Like all tray tables, this table looks great perched on these high legs. Wood is a warm material, but sometimes not generous enough. Wooden tray tables are perfect for aperitif dinners and invite conviviality. However, the perspective of the space is broken by the height of the table top.

Our advice is therefore to opt for a Kilim rug in gray or brown tones to keep a little sobriety against the height of the table. Finally, the classic colors will not attract the eye too much so that the wood remains the predominant material in the room.

  • Scandinavian dining table

The Scandinavian style dining table everyone is snapping it up! What does it have more than the others? Often made of wood with a clean style, very thin legs and sometimes leaning, the Scandinavian style tables are simple and effective but always elegant. The Scandinavian decor is the emblematic of the modern. We are dealing here with pleasant tables, but at the same time however ordinary.

Our advice to combine a Moroccan carpet and a Scandinavian table is none other than to opt for a Mrirt carpet with an abstract visual and soft colors such as pale pink, sky blue or light orange. Nordic furniture is sometimes a little too strict. By choosing to put a rug with abstract and unusual patterns, it will raise the character of the place.

  • Art-modern round table

The round table, whether it seats four or eight people, is by definition the typical art moderne piece of furniture. Whether you put a crystal vase or a wooden sculpture from Kenya on it, the round table doesn't just round off the angles, it looks great! The art-modern round table is, as they say in the jargon, "classy in Dallas". With a central leg, the round table evokes stability, but even when it has four legs, the round table never overdoes it with its often too dark tones.

For this we recommend a vintage Moroccan rug with sparkling and extravagant colors. The traditional patterns mixed with the unusual colors will make this rug ideal to upset the regularity of a round table of art-modern type. The blood red, the orange or the fuchsia pink will contrast the impeccable side of the circular table on its majestic foot.

  • Oval marble table

Oval shaped tables, we see very few, tables with a marble top either, but then oval tables made from marble: there it becomes the order of "very rare". Yet marble is a noble material that will never lose its value simply because it is a more limited resource than others. Marble is cold to the touch but visually rich with all the details associated with the aging of the earth.

Since the oval marble table is unusual, it should be highlighted without stealing the show. Thus, we advise you to opt for a Beni Ouarain carpet in the classic colors, i.e. off-white, beige, black and white. The Beni Ouarain is known for its geometric shapes that will confuse the ovality of the table. However, the sober and clear colors will highlight the marble and its authenticity: it is the ideal combination! 

  • Original glass and walnut table

The glass table is fragile and transparent but does not go unnoticed. Glass is a material that blends in with any kind of environment. The walnut legs of the table allow it to be anchored in the space, almost rooting it. This table is very original and has character despite its glass top that you can see through.

Our advice is to adopt a Boujad carpet with sober but warm colors such as a light orange, a light brown, a hint of yellow and a pale pink. The Boujad mixes linearity and absurdity. Abstract and geometric meet on this carpet. Just like the shimmering colors and the peaceful air of sober colors.

You will have understood, there is always a Berber carpet to stick to your decoration and if really the carpet of your dreams does not exist, it only remains for you to think of the custom-made.

Whether your dining table is made of wood, glass, steel, marble or even wicker; there is bound to be a suitable Moroccan rug that will match your furniture and give the desired design effect. It's time, don't wait any longer, take the first step and quickly make your choice from a wide range of Moroccan rugs that we have in stock. It is sure and certain, we are ready to bet that you will fall for one of our rugs. Yes yes yes, we already know: you will even want to decorate your living room with some Moroccan poufs and you would be right? Berber poufs are as artistic as they are comfortable; always with a Moroccan style for an even more exotic effect that is coveted the world over!

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By using our tips, your different Berber rug(s) will stay at the heart of your interior design while coming to sublimate any type of dining table and that can be its style, shape, type of material used and height. The Moroccan carpet of your choice will undoubtedly be ideal to complete your decor and give character to your dining room. With this, your family meals and dinners with friends will look great!


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