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Your cousin is moving into a new apartment? A couple of friends just bought a house? Your boyfriend is moving out of the roommate program and into his own two-room apartment? You don't have a gift idea for the housewarming party? How to shine next to all the banal and unoriginal gifts we already know? Have you ever thought about the Moroccan carpet? Handmade in the Berber tradition, with ethnic patterns and unusual colors, it is a guaranteed sensation.

We are used to offering the same things every time a loved one moves into a new home... Plants, household appliances or useful dishes. A housewarming party is an opportunity to mark the occasion! It is therefore advisable to stand out with a stunning gift. Nothing like a Berber carpet to surprise the assembly and offer a personalized gift.

The idea of a housewarming gift is to bring a touch to the interior decoration of your friend or family member. A carpet is always a useful object! The Moroccan carpet and its multiple functions will allow the person who receives it to easily choose its use and its location in his new home.

We explore for you the reasons which will make you think of the Berber carpet for your next housewarming. It's all too often a headache to find the right gift for a friend, but the Moroccan carpet has a number of advantages that you probably haven't thought of!

A warm and friendly object

Moving into a new apartment is often an opportunity to celebrate the change and gather friends and family to share the moment together. But even if you celebrate, the change can be a little scary. It's natural to not feel immediately at home in an apartment you've been in for only a few days, especially if the one you've left has been your home for many years.

The devoted friend that you are has this element in mind and will do everything possible to remedy it. How do you do that? With the warmest and friendliest gift there is, a Moroccan rug! Bringing an extra touch of comfort to your friend's new home will help them feel at home. The colors, patterns and material of the Moroccan rug make it a decorative object full of stories on which you feel safe, protected from the cold and discomfort, ready to face this new life between these new walls. No doubt that at the sight of it, your friends will immediately start to project themselves in the future moments of happiness that await them.

When we move into a new apartment or a new house, we want to create a cozy cocoon. The Moroccan carpet meets all expectations to bring warmth to any space! The softness of sheep's wool guarantees pleasant moments around a Moroccan carpet... Try it for yourself and you will see!

The perfect compromise between art and utility

If there's one occasion when people go looking for a gift without much enthusiasm, it's the housewarming party. And for good reason, arriving with a set of stemware or a new blender in your hands is far from being a smashing entrance. This tradition that would like to continue to offer utilitarian gifts at the time of a move causes you a great weariness, be reassured, it will no longer be a brake on your creativity.

The Moroccan carpet is at the crossroads between the unique work of art and the practical object that will dress up an interior. Original and full of history, the carpet that you will unroll under the feet of the newcomers will have the merit of being as beautiful as comfortable and its originality will only add to the amazement of its recipients.

The bedding, carafes and bedside lamps are all gone. Tonight, you and your gift will shine and offer a place of choice in your friends' new home.

Tailored to the configurations of the new home

It is not always easy to come up with a gift that will perfectly fit the spirit of a friend's new apartment. This is certainly the reason why we can be tempted to present ourselves with a soulless gift, as all-purpose as possible, which will most certainly end up in a closet or even on a second-hand objects’ resale website. The solution: custom-made. With a custom-made gift, there is no need to worry about missing your host's needs and expectations.

You know the furniture he already owns; you know his tastes and you may have subtly gathered some indiscretions about the dimensions of the rooms in his new home. You therefore have all the elements in your hands to hit the nail on the head with a custom-made rug that is adapted to the size of the room it will cover, with colors and patterns that your friend likes and that combine perfectly with the furniture in the living room, the dining room or the bedroom.

Reflection of your past experiences

Completely customizable, the Moroccan carpet that you choose to offer to your friend will be full of winks to what binds you. You want to tell him that you know his tastes and prove it for sure, a carpet of which you will have selected yourself the patterns and the colors is the ideal solution. There is no better proof of complicity than a personalized gift that sumptuously reflects the tastes of the person to whom you are giving it.

If you can slip in a few references to shared moments, to patterns you've come across on a trip together, or to a daring color combination, your gift will be the best of the evening and will take a special place in your friend's new cocoon. Just imagine the future moments you'll have, stepping on the perfect gift and reminiscing about the day you brought it into your lives.

Have you ever thought of putting your friendship on paper? Who wouldn't dream of having a personalized gift that recounts their adventures with their friends? Show your friend that you know him and that you know how to make his life a work of art through the art of weaving!

A Moroccan rug can be abstract, classic or even ethnic in style. If the Berber tribes have succeeded in telling their stories through the art of weaving, you too can do it! By opting for a custom-made carpet you can simply choose colors that represent something for you and your friend.

If you have any doubts, compose it together!

You wish to offer the Moroccan carpet of her dreams to your friend and hesitate between several patterns and colors, don't panic, you can talk to her about your project and customize it together. In addition to making her a unique gift, it will also be an opportunity to learn more about her, to share an exceptional moment and your relationship will grow. This Moroccan carpet that you will have imagined together will be a wonderful symbol of your friendship that will remind her every day of the place you occupy in her life and that she is lucky to count you among her friends.

If you don't know exactly what your friend's taste in Berber rugs would be, don't worry, have fun. Don't worry, have fun creating the perfect rug together. You can mix your vision of your friend and add his personal touch! You will have thought, invented and created it together. The gift will not only be the final object but also the process of creation where your two perceptions blend to create the perfect rug!

Once you have a pattern, a color, a shape ... You can contact us and we will be happy to accompany you in this process of creation to give life!

The Moroccan carpet as a housewarming gift ticks all the boxes. Practical, it will facilitate the life of the person to whom you offer it. Pretty, it will decorate his or her interior. Comfortable, it will offer a note of softness. Original, it will bring a soul to a new home. Personalized, it will reflect its owner. A perfect gift to declare to your friends how much they mean to you and how much you care about their happiness and comfort.

Now that you are convinced, don't wait any longer, for the next housewarming, opt for the Moroccan carpet, a personalized gift that will seduce your friends by its visual aspect but also for what it exudes of comfort and well-being. Perfectly adapted to their new home, it will accompany them in the new life they are starting and will remind them every day to have a thought for you, for what you have lived together and all that you still have to share.



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