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Moroccan rugs from the past are incredibly lovely and charming. Their needlework and design are exquisite. The entire decor is blessed and made charming by their presence in the house.

Any type of vintage Moroccan carpet looks stunning, whether it be one made of boucherouite, beni Ourain, or berber rugs from the Atlas Tribe. Many internet vendors and providers assert to offer Moroccan rugs and carpets of the highest quality.

Many people worry about if the handcrafted vintage rug is actually vintage. That being the case, some of the information that we'll look at in this post may require testimony. The antiquity of this rug is crucial in this case. All of them will be highlighted in this article.

Ask about its previous life if the vendor claims that the Moroccan rug you are purchasing is a vintage piece. Many of Morocco's antique and vintage hand-made rugs may have been utilized in the ancient home.

As a result, there aren't many indications that this is the case. In fact, the antique berber rug or any other vintage Moroccan rug ought to have minor henna, candle wax, stains, etc.

Also, one may detect some marks in that rug. Obviously, these marks never detract from the rug's attractiveness but instead give rugs and carpets an antique appeal. Therefore, make sure to investigate a Moroccan rug's history before purchasing one.


Well, if you discover the rug's past, you can be sure of its authenticity and should definitely get it for your interior design.

Another crucial feature to check for in any Moroccan berber rug is the restoration sings. Carpets manufactured before the 1990s are considered vintage rugs. These carpets are frequently cleanedby the manufacturers, and the ripped sections are repaired so that they can be utilized as home decor.

If a Moroccan carpet, such as a beni ourain or boucherouite rug, is actually vintage, the repair will be obvious. This could take the form of a subtle color change or the sewing of the ripped pieces.

Extreme care is used throughout this repair to preserve the carpets' genuine beauty and vintage charm.

With the help of the information above, verify your vintage rug source and get the ideal one for your interior design.

At Nomad33, we only provide authentically handwoven Berber carpets at the best price!

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