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What could be more wonderful than decorating your home with taste! Berber carpets are very popular today. Handcrafted and combining utility and authenticity, these magnificent carpets of Maghrebian origin come in an infinite number of sizes, colors and models.

What is a Berber carpet?

The Berber carpet is the most popular carpet in North Africa and especially in Morocco. This carpet first appeared hundreds of years ago among rural tribes.

It is a magnificent craft creation, combining ancestral know-how and authenticity. The Berber carpet has managed to cross decades without losing its popularity. This type of carpet, made with synthetic fibers, with sheep's wool or with cotton is today the favorite decoration object, not only of the Maghrebians, but also of Europeans.

What are the specificities of the Berber carpet?

The Berber carpet is appreciated both for its beauty and its durability. This carpet is distinguished from all others by its clear and bright colors or sober, by these beautiful patterns that convey the culture of the Maghreb and by its knotting.

To have a Berber carpet at home is to add a touch of timeless decoration to its interior.

The Moroccan Berber carpet exists in several models and under different names. There is, for example, the Taznakht carpet which has up to 500 000 knots per square meter! There is also the Chichaoua carpet which is manufactured in the region of Haouz in Marrakech, also the carpet of Aït Ouaouzguites, called carpet of the High Atlas.

The Moroccan Berber carpet, whatever its origin, is known for its excellent quality of manufacture, for its texture very pleasant to the touch and for its harmonious colors. In short, there is something for every taste and every desire!

Authentic Berber rugs in France

Would you like to buy an authentic Berber carpet to bring a warm touch to your home? You will find a wide selection of original Moroccan rugs.

Handcrafted and entirely handmade by Berber artisans, our Berber rugs are unique pieces and exceptional objects.

The manufacture of these carpets requires expertise and experience. Specialized in the sale of these objects of Moroccan decoration, we put at your disposal unique pieces to help you to brighten up your grounds and your walls.

We have carefully selected our authentic Berber carpets to make you enjoy a quality product.

The delivery is possible everywhere in France. To trust us and to choose among our carpets is to share with us the values of a fair economy.

Do not hesitate to discover our magnificent collection. Need more information? We will be happy to answer you quickly!

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