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The Berber carpet is becoming the must-have decoration for quite some time. What we like about it? Its colors, its patterns, its comfort and also its history. Authentic and warm, the kilim carpet fits easily with all styles.

The kilim carpet for a childlike style

Children also have the right to their own carpet! And for them, the kilim rug is the best: cozy to play on the floor without getting hurt, thick to warm up the decoration in no time and bring that soft comfort in the morning, and very colorful to bring life to a child's room in all simplicity. The kilim rug best suited is the thick wool Boucherouite rug which suggests that impression of organized disorder, just like a child's room. The Azilal carpet is also very suitable for its fluorescent colors loved by children.

The kilim carpet for a bohemian style

The bohemian style is the first style in which we imagine the kilim carpet. For a kinfolk interior we prefer to bet on the color then we adopt the carpet Azilal or the carpet Boucherouite endowed with dynamic flashy colors that bring color in a new way. Combine it with recuperated wooden furniture, a few mottled objects and accessories brought back from your travels and you've got the bohemian decor you've been dreaming of.

The kilim carpet for a Scandinavian style

The Scandinavian style endures and we like to reinvent it with, for example, a kilim rug that belongs to a whole other universe. By opting for the Beni Ouarain rug, characterized by the combination of black and white and geometric lines, you will inscribe this rug in an elegant Nordic spirit where neutral colors have their place.

The kilim carpet for a classic and timeless style

The kilim carpet also fits into a classic interior, provided that you adopt the real kilim carpet, the one that mixes colors and neutral tones, and that mixes geometric patterns with plain. Less thick than other models of Berber carpet, the kilim carpet is more discreet. That is why it also corresponds to a classic decoration to bring it a soft elegance with oriental accents.

The kilim carpet for a recycled style

The Beni Ouarain, the Azilal and the Boucherouite are other models. The kilim carpet, the real one, is less thick but has the same characteristics as the others: color and geometry. Its tones are softer, sometimes enhanced by a lively note. This makes the kilim rug in perfect harmony with the furniture spirit recuperation in raw wood or the furniture in the essence of warming wood.

The kilim carpet for an industrial style

Some decoration brands revisit the traditional kilim carpet by modernizing it with innovative patterns and colors implemented in another way. For a kilim carpet in a loft spirit, we bet on the black and white carpet like Beni Ouarain carpet. The presence of black will be closer to industrial elements such as glass, high metal racks and workshop stairs.

The kilim carpet for a design style

Do you love design pieces with character? In a design interior, the kilim rug is not to be banished. It is through it and the decorative accessories that the color will pass. In this type of interior, we choose an Azilal carpet or a Boucherouite carpet able to make the space more tonic, whimsical and warm. The black and white with the carpet Beni ouarain is another variant, it suggests a more chic and classic atmosphere.


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