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What’s Bohemian decor? And, How does it look?

The instant you discover Bohemian decor, you’ll start asking different questions!

By definition, the term Bohemian means a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts. And if you think about it, Bohemian decor is exactly that - unconventional and involved with arts.

This trend has compelled many to adopt Bohemian decor for their homes. Which, in effect, compels us to give in our two cents. As Moroccans, our ancestors have been ‘Bohemian’ to some cultures.

What’s special about Bohemian decor is its ability to put one at ease. Whether it’s a wintery display of Nordic furniture or a Moroccan rug that gestures you to hop on its back to enjoy a magical flight - Bohemian decor emits an amiable and approachable vibe!

If you’ve noticed this cosiness-radiating trend, then you’re probably wondering how to get the same look, feel, and atmosphere at home. We’ve compiled a list of decor tips that are going to transform your living room into a 13th-century Ottoman chamber!

Will you get along with Bohemian Decor?

Before you start visiting Antique galleries, stocking on candles, and replacing every chair with floor cushions you’ll need to know what Bohemian decor is - and isn’t.

Bohemian decor is not a wise choice for those who appreciate minimalism. In fact, Bohemian decor, by nature, displays a maximalist appeal. It’s also imperfect, has its flaws, and, interestingly - very complicated.



‘Matching’ your furniture takes on a wholly different meaning. You should, if you haven’t already, expect a wide variety of colours, patterns, and eccentric motifs and symbols.

Despite its multicoloured and busy nature, Bohemian decor can be very soothing and relaxed! You’ll surely enjoy its lively, hearty, and comforting atmosphere.

So, if you’ve read that, and you haven’t shrugged: “I’ll just visit IKEA,” then you’ll love what’s coming.

Full-bore Bohemian!

By now, we’ve established that you’re not afraid to use colours, and lots of them, at that. You must be wondering “How does one really decor à la Bohémien?” And the obvious, effortless, and the surprisingly rewarding choice is - go all in.


Unleashing the inner creative won’t be as frustrating with Bohemian decor. Mix every colour, indulge every pattern, and permit all textures! Don’t hold back. 

Visit a Bohemian decor store and pick the first five items you lay your eyes on; we’re thinking baskets, rugs, sofas, wood furniture, and old-timey wall paintings. Now, spread them around in a living room. 9 out of 10, the results are enchanting, lively, and beautifully haunting!

The ‘one’ out of the mentioned ’10’ is usually due to “colours matching too well”.


Bohemian Decor’s refined and elegant aspect.

What’s also great about Bohemian decor is that you don’t have to go full throttle in order to achieve a Bohemian style. Slight hints and touches will also do the trick - all while keeping it elegant. With the right colours and attention to detail, your living room will become wildly chic!


For example, Antique Moroccan Pottery, despite its compact size, will completely transform a setting. Umenda, for example, will render any place a lot more magical. 

And if you’re interested in furniture that is both antique and utile - then you’ll love floor cushions. Nothing says Bohemian more than Ottoman seating. Comfortable, luxurious, and amusing.


Bohemian Decor’s refined and elegant aspect.

Visiting Morocco should be on every adventurer’s bucket list. But, given the current situation, there are travel bans, and it’s definitely a lot more challenging to travel abroad.

So, if you’re longing for that warm, comforting, and relaxing Moroccan essence, then decorating your room à la Bohémien will surely do the trick.

If the tips above didn’t do the trick, or you’re looking to increase the intensity of your new Bohemian royal chamber, then antique, vintage, and age-old furniture will certainly scratch that itch - and then some!

Items such as paintings, pottery, and antique Moroccan doors will bedeck any setting and infuse it with a magical, enchanting, and astonishing vibe!

Does Bohemian Decor feel a little ‘steep’? Check ourMoroccan Rugs on sale! Radiating, Colourful - and on sale!


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