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How Popular are Vintage Moroccan Rugs?

Pink Large Moroccan Vintage Rug

Mazice - A two-part, pink, unique Moroccan Vintage Rug!

We asked a Wool Rug Weaver at Nomad33!

Vintage Moroccan Rugshave decreased in popularity in recent years. Ten years ago, everyone jumped at the opportunity to own a vintage rug. They understood their value and appreciated them for their good quality, creative design, and beautifully awing history. 

Nowadays, nobody seems to want anything to do with ‘something old’. And what most people are missing is that some of the ‘old ones’ are the most valuable.” Says Fatema, a rug weaver at Nomad33. 

We've got plenty of Moroccan Vintage Rugs!

Fatema does have a point!

The essence of a vintage Moroccan Rug lies in the fact that it’s rare, used, and old. Of course, vintage rugs do have their fair share of fans. Galvinsky, obviously, is an avid vintage rug collector. Currently, he [ Nomad33 ] has accumulated well over 10.000 rugs. Ten-thousand pieces of vintage rugs are sitting at a well-preserved stock, ageing as they do. 

Moroccan Vintage Rug At a Gallery

Msaeyli - Blue, wondrous, and vintage!

Some aren’t planned to be sold and are kept as a tribute to Galvinsky’s numerous adventures hunting these rugs, and some will be put on display at our gallery. 

However, from time to time, Nomad33 receives a kind letter explaining why they (the sender) want a vintage rug. And almost always, their reasons are compelling and difficult to turn down. What else can be done but to succumb to the feeling that’s shared by every rug aficionado and collector? Galvinsky gives up in the eyes of the buyer and gladly lets them pick a vintage rug to add to their collection.

In addition, on some occasions, Nomad33 releases a vintage collection. A select variety of Moroccan vintage rugs that enchants any browser.

Our Vintage Moroccan Rugs are plenty, and their value keeps increasing as time goes on. Being in possession of such smooth treasures complements our rug company, and their presence at our gallery awards the visitor a sense of nostalgia and ease.

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