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History recalls how great Moroccan Wool Rugs can be!

Berber weavers have found a way to make themselves comfortable without sacrificing the element of adornment. And thanks to their determination to spread their identity through bedecking rugs, today, we’re able to make an authentic, equally gorgeous, and resilient Moroccan rug.

Follow us on this virtualjourney through Nomad33’s original Moroccan Rugs.

Before we begin, you should know that there isn’t a standard Moroccan rug. They come in different shapes, sizes, colours - and have different stories!

Silken delights that adorn and embellish!

Starting off with Morocco’s most vibrant, and elegant - Aderfi!

Vintage Moroccan Wool Rug

There’s something special about Aderfi, apart from it being a resilient and luxurious rug. In addition to silk, Aderfi has silver. Yup, the rug was woven using both silk and silver, making it extra durable - and opulent!

Many have fallen in love with Aderfi, and that drove us to weave Aderfi a match. One that’s equally opulent, but different in some way - Enter: Baule!

Small Silk Moroccan Vintage Rug

Buale, much like Aderfi, is made using silk and silver. But, unlike Aderfi, this one is blue, compact, and resembles antique, North African paintings!

*If you’re wondering about the paintings, pots, and ancient doors on the pictures, you can discover morehere! Take a stroll, and let us know what you think about ourantique furniture!

Here’s something new: eccentric, creative, and artistic rugs!

Our creative and production teams are a hearty unison of many minds and hands. Our creative team spend days coming up with concepts before they’re developed and sent to be transformed into woven masterpieces in the Atlas Mountains.

The first thing we say when any of us is asked the question “What’s the most creative rug you’ve seen?” is: Extravaganza!

Some agree, and some look at us as if we’ve just lost our minds. But, our delight is quickly shared when they lay their eyes on this gorgeous baby!

Large Moroccan Wool Rug

One of the first rugs to enter the Nomad33 Studio & Gallery, and a varicoloured piece of woollen art! Take another gander at it below, or explore Extravaganza in all its glory by clicking here!

We’ve been told that we’re admired for our different takes on rugs. And when we, the Nomad33 team, thought about that, we thought: “Huh, that is true!”

We do tend to pick different roads. And those roads often lead us to something merry and beautiful. We’ve made runner rugs, silk rugs, and got our hands on vintage pieces that are out of this world!

People seem to have liked the way we operated - and we didn’t stop!

Meet Mrembo. A wild-looking, fierce, and oddly enough, extremely smooth rug! 

Artistic Moroccan Wool Rug

Thanks to its colourful nature, Mrembo will make any room feel brighter. It’ll also allow your furniture a chance to stand out. Browse our Moroccan Wool Rugs and design your perfect room!

Colourful, artistic, and quiet!

Colours do tire. And some people delight in the unity and composure of a rug.

Anas, a designer at Nomad33, has developed a motto for this matter. And he made -entreated- us to talk about it. And it goes like this: “One colour. One stripe. One rug.”

And while Anas’ motto is plain and dull, we promise that our rugs aren’t.

In fact - see for yourself!

Soft Moroccan Wool Rug

Artistic, resilient, and of a sole colour! Maalma is but one of many unicolour Moroccan Wool Rugs at Nomad33. You’ll find many other rugs at our store, all displaying a gorgeous appeal.

Well, there you have it! A journey in less than ten minutes! Keep in mind, though, that you’ve just seen... what, like 4 rugs? We’ve got plenty more, and they’re all unique!

Got questions? Want to visit Morocco? Talk about soap operas? Contact us, and let us know!

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