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Where do I place my rug? How do I choose one? And are they really resilient?

The world is in love with rugs nowadays, and we can clearly see - and feel - why. With the alternatives beings wall-to-wall carpets or plain flooring, whether it’s wood, marble, or ordinary tiles, rugs remain as the optimal choice to redecorate a room. Especially if you’re going for a Moroccan Carpet.

Artistic Moroccan Carpet

If you’re looking for something to embellish your living area with - look no further than a Moroccan Carpet like Rosemary that will flawlessly do that job. In addition, it will also award your room with warmth and grant it a special feel.

We’ve been getting some questions regarding rug placement and the role of furniture in a room. We consulted with a professional interior decorator, and she had this to say!

**There’s more to come, surely, from our Nomad33 interior decorator. We’ve had her for a brief moment and we decided to get a FAQ out of her!

Here are some pointers, courtesy of our Nomad33 Moroccan Carpet specialists.

Say, your living room, for instance, has some furniture that you’d like to shuffle around and make more appealing. You can do that by correctly positioning your rug.

Make sure that it [the rug] extends under the furniture pieces in the room. It’ll give your room a wholesome atmosphere and rightfully serve the composition of it all.

Closeup of a Moroccan Carpet

Make sure that your high-traffic areas are covered with the rug. Since it’s a Moroccan Carpet, it’s made of wool - meaning that it will be more resilient to footsteps, so that shouldn’t be an issue. What should worry you, however, are uneven wear patterns. Simply cover your high-traffic area with a rug and you’ll have no uncomfortable, awkward people walking with one leg on the rug, and another on the floor.

Living room with Moroccan Carpet

A Moroccan Carpet is a tough carpet! Colours and patterns will remain for years. Use that to your advantage! Don’t be afraid to express yourself - inject your playfulness and inherent fun into the room by choosing a colourful, dreamlike rug.

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