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A successful interior design is an interior design with many variations of materials, different materials and many colors, a large number of fabrics, curtains, and especially rugs. The secret is when all these things come together in harmony.

Do you want to redecorate your home? Do you change your mind quickly and are you bored with your last decorations? Do you need a refreshing and sparkling touch in your daily life?

There is no one model of interior decoration but if there is one type of decoration that shakes up the rules of design it is the Moroccan style. You will not find a style that has so many combinations of colors and patterns.

Who said that the forms and the colors did not make good household? How can you have a spontaneous personality in an interior design as classic as a waiting room? You want to challenge the norms of interior design but you don't know how? We have an idea for you that will leave you speechless: Moroccan-style interior design! Yes, you heard us right: Moroccan style...

Interior design is dictated by standards often considered too European, very sober and basic. Nowadays, knowing how to combine shapes and colors is a complicated art, which the Berbers have been working on for hundreds of years.

Just like Feng-shui, Moroccandecoration has been proven for a long time! Original, elegant and surprising, you'll never get tired of Morroccan decoration. We have explored all the contours and facets of the Moroccan carpet to constantly inspire you in your most beautiful combinations of decorative objects to renew your interior!

When you too will have tried you will thank us for this article which will make you pass the step of the ethnic-chic fashion, of the daring, surprising and charismatic style of the decoration coming straight from Casablanca!

Always more colors

When anyone starts thinking about decorating their apartment, their mountain chalet or their country house, the first thing that comes to mind is color... What color to put in the living room? Will the tiles in the bathroom go well with such and such tones? Repainting the guest room, yes, but which colors will create a friendly atmosphere?

Do you want several shades on your carpet and it's almost mission impossible to find all your favorite colors on the same carpet? Don't worry, the Moroccan carpet is there to meet all your expectations and if you can't find one that meets your expectations, there is always the option of custom-made! You can find a carpet of any color, including those of your favorite sports club or even simply the colors of your city.

Combine bright colors like ocean blue, purple red, lilac mauve or emerald green! Do not limit your imagination, all the colors of your thoughts can become reality thanks to the unique weaving of Berber carpet! You will be able to choose from the widest range of colors that can exist.

What if the color you want is just a little out of the ordinary? You can't find the color that suits you at the big furniture and decoration stores? Look no further: create it! Combining colors and shapes has never been easier. You can keep the same furniture and simply get a rug that will contrast the colors and shapes of the room to make a statement!

The color of a rug can give an instant allure and character to a room, make a space look bigger, or add light to any space. The choice of color will no longer be a complication, you can conceptualize a carpet and if it does not exist, we will create it for you and that even with the most crazy or unthinkable colors!

In the making of Berber carpets, there is not only the colors that can give way to your desires and your creativity, the patterns too ...

Infinite patterns

A Moroccan carpet with traditional patterns can be transformed into an abstract work of art while retaining the quality and ancestral know-how depending on the motifs and symbols it displays. Whether you want geometric, classic, linear, exotic, chic, contemporary, ethnic or vintage designs... A Berber carpet will always give you satisfaction and will harmonize easily with all types of environments including your apartment!

Have you ever walked into a decorating store and found only simple objects, which please everyone and without any character? By opting for a Berber carpet you are choosing a carpet that will have character, boldness and elegance! A carpet made for you on which you can represent a drawing, a symbol that speaks to you representing your personality or your past.

Solar, circular and wavy patterns can remind you of your stays in the four corners of the world, the warmth of these atypical and exotic places at the same time. While other abstract symbols will express a feeling and more classic patterns will give elegance to marry with an art-modern decoration.

To say that there is something for everyone in terms of patterns on a Berber carpet is the least we can say... There are as many possible patterns as your imagination has limits, in other words: none!

The rhombuses, triangles, stripes, checkerboard boxes ... all these shapes are patterns found on Moroccan carpets. Some symbols are inspired by the environment in which the Berber tribes have evolved for centuries, i.e., the mountains, animals, dunes, the moon and the stars. These motifs, full of stories, telling the adventures and beliefs of the Atlas tribes, have shaken up the codes of interior design.

Inspired and inspiring, Moroccan carpet patterns are a tribute to Moroccan culture. Add your own personalized designs and your carpet will be a soulful, visually intriguing and interesting piece. Spectacular colors, unusual patterns, just give your carpet the most unlikely shape to revolutionize your interior and the rules of design decoration...

The shape of your choice

As Moroccan rugs are all unique pieces, it is possible to opt for custom-made rugs in order to fully choose the shape and dimensions of your rug. There are, of course, common sizes, ranging from small to large, depending on the space in which you wish to place your Berber carpet.

The usual shapes of berber rugs are more rectangular or square to suit rooms that are often identical in shape. It is possible to imagine a Moroccan carpet of round, triangular or oval shape to stick with your furniture or simply break the linearity of a room.

Choose a round carpet to match the shape of a round table or, on the contrary, turn the reading of the room upside down with a triangular carpet under a square dining table. It is not only in the oval office that a carpet of the same shape would be ideal... Depending on your room, you can for example consider an oval Berber carpet, surrounded by vintage armchairs, with a rectangular coffee table made of wood and glass materials for a touch of elegance.

Knowing how to combine shapes is one thing, playing on the alliance of shapes, patterns and colors the Marrakesh style interior decoration has mastered it for a long time. Indeed, Moroccan style decoration is inspired by Moroccan culture, history and landscapes, which gives it its richness and authenticity. Because of the many external influences on the country and therefore on its style; Moroccan style interior decoration is widely diversified and very interesting.

This means that you can interpret the Moroccan interior design in any way you want while opting for the style that reflects your personality and taste. One of the main elements to remember when you move on to the home design phase is the use of colors, patterns and textiles in a bold way to create an ever more comfortable and warm space.

Moroccan style elements can be used to enhance any room in your home or apartment and you can even extend this style to your garden. Don't wait any longer, go today and look through a wide range of Moroccan rugs. There is something for everyone!




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