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Moroccan Amazigh rugs seem to be conquering the bohemian chic interiors of a growing number of people who have yet to set foot on Moroccan soil. It is more poetic when it comes from the High Atlas. It thrills the bold fiber.

Amazigh Moroccan rugs are highly sought after for their unique earthy and unstructured character, their abstract impact, their soft and often silky wool pile, the creativity of their weavers, and the amazing patterns and symbols that combine to create intricate messages and stories deeply rooted in rural Amazigh life.

These patterns and their meanings are part of a long-standing tradition that has remained largely independent as the various Amazigh tribes prefer to live in isolated communities.

What do these beautiful patterns really mean? And how can we understand them? The patterns can be interpreted as being related to fertility, sexuality and survival. The rugs are usually handwoven by women in close-knit families with strong cultural traditions.

The diamond is the main "feminine symbol" of Amazigh rugs. It can be used alone or as part of a network. Other important feminine symbols include the chevron and the M. A large single diamond can represent both fertility and watchful guardians. An X can be interpreted as an extended body with arms or legs.


The meaning of many symbols has been lost over time. Mothers and grandmothers may have passed on specific patterns and designs to their children, but weavers may claim that they only weave what they know and cannot express the meaning.

Although they reflect tribal beliefs and traditions, Amazigh patterns are deeply personal. They must be understood with care because we do not know the purpose of some patterns or how to translate them. To do this, it is important to learn the songs, cultures and legends of each tribe. Berber symbols are found in tattoos and carpets.

Handcrafted by skilled artisans who take pride and detail in each weave they create. Each rug is unique and speaks to you.

Here are the stories behind the symbols on the Berber rugs.


Many symbols have lost their meaning over time. Mothers and grandmothers have passed down specific designs from generation to generation. Weavers may say that they only weave what they know and cannot express what it means. Although Berber designs reflect certain tribal beliefs and traditions, they are very personal. Therefore, it is important to interpret them carefully, as we do not really know the purpose of some patterns or how to translate them. To do this, we need to be able to understand the songs, cultures and legends of the different tribes. These symbols are used by the Berbers in tattoos and carpets, for example.


Berber carpets are a form of storytelling in Morocco. Each carpet is made to protect the spirit of the person and protect the body from the weather. The colors of Berber rugs tell a story. Red represents strength and protection. Blue represents wisdom. Yellow represents eternity. Green symbolizes peace.


A rectangle filled with a pattern of light and dark, the symbol of fertility.


It looks like a cross made of intersecting rectangles. It is supposed to represent the baraka. A kind of divine power that, according to them, can ward off misfortune, heal the sick or bring good fortune.


Protection against the evil eye is represented by the diamond-shaped motif. The four-way deflector of evil is the cross in the center and the arrows on the edges.


A beautiful diamond pattern with small diamonds at the top and bottom of the frog. Two legs extend from each side. The frog is a symbol of fertility and magical rites.


This X-shape, which is a symbol for metalworkers, offers respect to the metal and helps prevent Djorn. We often see a series of cross shapes linked together to create a geometric pattern that also includes diamonds.


They can be made in many different ways, but they usually consist of a vertical line intersecting a column of chevrons or a vertical series or triangles of diamonds. This symbol designates a holy person with medicinal and magical skills.


A symbol of protection, the finger looks like a hashtag or a ticking board.

As you can see, the symbols, patterns and arrangements of Moroccan rugs can create a rich tapestry that reflects the desires and messages of the women who created them. These unique qualities, along with the durability, quality and uniqueness of each rug mean that they will add value to your home over time.

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