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It is difficult for many of you to believe that a Berber carpet can be durable over time.

However, their long durability is the very reason for their authenticity.

Let's find out together how it is possible for a handmade Berber carpet to last so long.

Made with authentic quality materials

In the past, craftsmen made these Berber rugs with a lot of passion and love. The materials used for the manufacture are of real quality. This is one of the main reasons for the great durability of these carpets.

The craftsmen make the Berber carpets with good quality materials. This allows us to wash them easily. Contrary to synthetic carpets for which the washings can sometimes make degorge the colors.

Natural colors

The craftsmen proceed by natural extracts of natural colors to dye the Berber carpets. The colors enhance the beauty of these carpets. Washing never takes away the brightness of the color of the beautiful Berber carpet.

Color bleeding is a common problem with synthetic carpets as opposed to authentic Moroccan made Berber rugs. This further increases the durability of these rugs.

Designed with love

This is the secret of the success of these carpets. Berber carpets are the pride and honor of their artisans. They make these carpets with a lot of love and positivity.

We cannot question the durability of Berber carpets. For that we can use these Berber carpets for many years.

Berber carpets will bring an ethnic and authentic touch to your interior decoration. We hope you have found this information very useful. Find different styles of Berber carpets that will match your decoration on our site.

3 questions to ask before buying a Berber carpet

Handmade or machine-made?

Always investigate if the Moroccan carpet you are buying is handmade or machine-made. Indeed, Berber carpets are usually made by local Moroccans. These products are handmade at home or in a small cooperative often created by village women.

Unfortunately, with the advancement of technology some carpets are made in factories in a short time and are often of poor quality, so you should check for authenticity before your purchase.

Dyed or undyed?

The next thing you need to ask your seller is whether the rug is dyed or undyed. Some Berber rugs, especially Beni ouarain rugs, are made from undyed wool. Therefore, no dyeing is done on the carpet. This gives a natural beauty to the rugs. When it comes to dyed Berber carpets, we find the Kilim carpet that has been dyed naturally.

The age of the carpet

If you want to buy a vintage Berber rug, never forget to ask about the age of the rug. The age of the rug usually increases the price of the rug. So, make sure the seller is telling the truth about the age of the rug. This will also prevent you from facing any kind of scam. Therefore, make sure you know where the carpet was made. We work with certified Moroccan cooperatives. Feel free to look at all of our Berber rugs handmade by our Moroccan artisans.

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