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The use of wool has been around for many centuries and appears to have come from Iran and portions of China, Siberia contains the first indication of the knotted carpet. The rug weaving has been developed in Morocco along two traditions. The oriental influences that emerged at the end of the opulent Andalusian time when the Muslim artisans who were then established in Spain had to enter Morocco around the 15th century are clearly evident in rugs manufactured in places like Rabat, Fez, or Mediouna. The traditional Berber carpet appears to have a longer history. There are undoubtedly similarities between some traditional designs and the numerous, thousands-of-year-old rock carvings found in Morocco's southeast.

Traditional Moroccan Berber rugs, which are typically hand-woven, are exported to many countries across the world. Indigenous ethnic tribal people used them at first for domestic or practical purposes, then as decorations. Although these people received no official training, their artistic abilities allowed them to create designs.

 We all start and finish our days at home, thus we have always wanted every room in the house to be unique for the entire family. While some people do not pay much regard to the flooring, others spend time looking for carpets and Berber rugs, particularly for the living rooms, which are the rooms that are most frequently purchased. In order for it to look nice, we also use this floor design in the dining area and bedrooms.

 Here are some facts about our morocan beber rugs :


Design and Quality

Because you need to pick the one that will fit the space you want it to, you should take the durability of these rugs seriously. This is significant since it has the potential to alter the room's ambiance. Along with the qualities like design and quality that are utilized to differentiate them, it must also give comfort.

 You can select between straightforward and traditional styles whenever it comes to patterns. The minimalist, bright colors and icons might make your space more comfortable.

Consider the legitimacy of this product if you want it to last longer. For instance, Beni Ourain types are made from a unique wool fiber. While some bleach the wool to create a more creative and appealing design.


Ancient Fabrics

This is made even stranger by the adoption of a specific weaving technique that dates back to antiquity. It was woven by women who had been following Berber culture and tradition. Although it may sound dated, who nowadays would not be astonished by such a tribal taste?

 The durability and caliber of the weaves are controlled by the antiquated method. Technology may now considerably improve the quality of the end product because it is already used in the production process. As a result, we may predict that it will endure for a long time and be preserved for even longer.

 Since we sit on it, stand on it, jump on it, walk on it every day, it serves as more than just an accessory to your houses. Even if, in our opinion, cleaning can reduce the fabric's quality and cause the design to fade, as long as it is genuine and made using an old technique, there won't be a problem. This simply means that you have a variety of options to pick from, like mrirt , Boujad, Beni Ourain,beni mguild and  Boucherouite, to mention a few.


Women's empowerment signs

The designs of Berber carpets may contain feminine symbols, which can also be incorporated into the interior design of your home. The diamond pattern, which frequently resembles to an eye, is a representation of defense from misfortune. Flowers are represented by two triangles, and femininity is represented by stars. As well as a Berber symbol that reminds people of the Kasbah's design, other symbols include a profiled teapot that stands for hospitality and fellowship.

Berber rugs use a sophisticated and intricate design language. The stages of a Berber woman's life, from birth to menstruation, are represented by each symbol. These rugs represent a Berber woman's life as well.



You should consider the material when evaluating the toughness of Berber carpets. Numerous materials are used to make contemporary Berber rugs. Moroccan modern carpets are still manufactured using the same age-old weaving methods. They are made from wool, and a red wax mark is used to confirm their high quality. Occasionally, styles made of both of these products are produced.

The loop design of a Berber carpet is highly susceptible to snagging. Even though a snag appears insignificant, it could lead to the carpet unraveling. To tear one loop out of a Berber carpet could require considerable effort. Because they are less likely to snag, larger loops are more likely to settle than smaller ones. On the other side, this issue won't arise with smaller circles. Berber carpets are therefore not advised for locations with heavy traffic.


Easy to clean

Unlike many other carpets, ours are rather simple to maintain. Maybe you spilt something on it and are unsure of your ability to clean it. Stop worrying now! They are definitely easy to clean.



In addition to being practical, this kind of carpet is also attractive. It has many different patterns and styles. They feature a vast color pallet and a wide variety of patterns. You can go check our carpet store and choose one ideal for your taste, style, and budget.

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